Saturday, May 21st, 2022
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KnowledgeSync - The Leader in Business Activity Monitoring

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How to Purchase KnowledgeSync

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KnowledgeSync is sold through Vineyardsoft’s Business Partner Channel of over 1200 authorized resellers. Please contact your reseller to purchase KnowledgeSync; if your reseller does not offer it, please contact Vineyardsoft so that we may authorize your Partner for KnowledgeSync sales, or provide you with the contact information of a reseller near you.

The KnowledgeSync software, manual, and training videos are accessed via the download page of this web site. If you’ve been running an "evaluation" version of KnowledgeSync, all you’ll need to do is to plug in your perpetual license code; no re-entry of data is necessary.

And don’t forget to download and install KnowledgeSync "EventPaks" – pre-configured collections of KnowledgeSync events for over 60 popular software applications. These EventPaks are free and they’ll give you a head-start on configuring KnowledgeSync for your organization’s specific needs.

If you are a KnowledgeSync Partner needing to place an order, please log into the partner portal at the top of the page to place your order.

"KnowledgeSync is our 'invisible worker' . . . we were able to implement it easily and get our return on investment almost immediately."

Lori Haynes

Director of Marketing Research & Automation Administaff

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