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KnowledgeSync Education Bulletin:   Week 1
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Sage KnowledgeSync - Tips for Sage CRM SalesLogix
Importing inbound email into SalesLogix - without writing a script

In an effort to improve the awareness of Sage KnowledgeSync capabilities among SalesLogix partners and clients, Vineyardsoft is pleased to launch a weekly "Frequently Asked Questions" column for resellers and users of the SalesLogix application.

Each week, Vineyardsoft will detail either a little-known use or frequently asked question about Sage KnowledgeSync - specific to the SalesLogix CRM solution. We invite partners to share this information with KnowledgeSync clients, as well as to ask questions of their own and submit their own ideas for critical or inventive uses of the Sage KnowledgeSync application.

This week's question:

Is it possible to configure a KnowledgeSync event that monitors incoming email, checks to see if the sender of that email exists in SalesLogix, and then - if the sender does exist as a contact - add the email content to the contact's history and schedule a follow-up activity? Most importantly, is it possible to do this without having to write a VB Script?

The answer is YES - to both parts of the question. Briefly, here's how:

1. Create a query that monitors newly-received email.

2. Create a second query that checks the SalesLogix contact table for a match against the email address from query #1.

3. Create an event that uses both queries.

4. Add two 'actions' to the event. The first action updates the client's history with the details of the email, and the second action schedules an activity to follow-up on the email.

Vineyardsoft has packaged this functionality into a pre-configured EventPak that is free to all SalesLogix partners and clients. To receive this EventPak, just send email to support@vineyardsoft.com and ask for the 'Email Contact Update" EventPak.

Thank you for your support and promotion of the Sage KnowledgeSync solution.

Vineyardsoft Corporation

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