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KnowledgeSync Education Bulletin:   Week 11
Leading the Way in Business Activity Monitoring

Sage KnowledgeSync - Tips for Sage CRM SalesLogix
Linking Records Across Sage Applications

Welcome to week #11 of the KnowledgeSync Educational Bulletin for Business Partners and clients who are using Sage KnowledgeSync with the SalesLogix CRM application.

This week's question:

One of my clients is using SalesLogix along with Sage MAS 90 ERP (Providex) and would like to send a sales rep a snapshot of a client's receivables whenever a sales rep enters a new opportunity for that client. How would I match the contact record in SalesLogix with the customer record in MAS 90?


You would need to create an event that uses two queries (one for SLX, one for MAS) and you would need to identify a "linking field" - some field of data that both SLX and MAS have in common. It might be an account number, a contact email address, or any other common element of data. Once you identify this common value, the event set-up would go as follows:

1. Create the SLX query - the one that identifies newly-created opportunities. Make sure that this query includes (as a column) the "common" field that you will use for linking purposes. Make note of the customized name of this field (from the "Columns" tab of this query). For illustration purposes, let's assume that this field's customized name is called "contact_email".

2. Create the MAS query - the one that retrieves a client's receivables data. In the Filters tab of that query, choose the "common" MAS field that will be linked to. Choose an operator of "equal to" and in the "Compare Value" field, type in the customized name of SLX field you are linking from and surround that name with curly braces. Using the "contact_email" field as our example, the Compare Value field in the MAS query would read {contact_email}.

3. Create an event that uses both of these queries - the SLX query first, the MAS query second. You'll be able to put fields from BOTH applications into a single alert message. And you can take values from the MAS database and put those into the SLX client's history or (even better!) schedule a follow-up activity in SLX that contains these financial details.

Note that this functionality works between ANY two (or more) Sage applications; as long as you can identify some "common" field of data, you can link records from any Sage databases.

If you have any questions about linking records across Sage applications, or any other KnowledgeSync functionality, please contact Don Farber at farber@vineyardsoft.com.

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