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KnowledgeSync Education Bulletin:   Week 14
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Triggering One Report Per Person

Welcome to week #14 of the KnowledgeSync Educational Bulletin for Business Partners and clients who are using KnowledgeSync. Initially released to only Sage Software partners, the feedback to these bulletins has been so positive (and applicable to all partners and applications) that we are now distributing these to our entire Business Partner Channel.

You can view all the previous bulletins here: http://www.vineyardsoft.com/support_tips.php

We will be updating the existing archive articles to be applicable to all partners and applications - but in the interim please feel free to read these articles and apply them to your existing implementations and solutions.

This week's question:

I have an event that monitors overdue invoices and creates a corresponding Crystal Report. My problem is that the event creates one report per invoice and I want to create one report per account manager who has clients with overdue invoices. How can I do this?


It's actually fairly easy; but the first thing to remember is that when you create an event with an associated report, the event will create one report per "triggered record" that the event's query returns. Your query is clearly returning a list of all invoices that are overdue; hence KnowledgeSync creates one report per overdue invoice.

Go back to your Crystal Report (your "Overdue Invoice" report). This report should be designed so that it lists all the overdue invoices for those clients associated with a specific account manager. (The report will have a single selection parameter - the name (or ID) of the account manager.)

Now, go back to your query and modify the query so that it does a "count" of overdue invoices per account manager. (You would specify this on the "Columns" tab of the query.) Add a Sub-Filter on the query so that it returns only those account managers whose "count" of overdue invoices is greater than zero.

When you associate your report to the event that uses this query, you will be prompted to specify the name of the field (from the underlying query) that contains the name/ID of each account manager that meets the query's criteria. Thus if you have 10 account managers and (on a given run of the event) only 3 have clients with overdue invoices, the query result set will be three records, the event will create three reports, and KnowledgeSync will deliver (e.g., email) each of those reports to the corresponding manager.

If you would like assistance in configuring an event like this one, or if you have any questions about this process or any other KnowledgeSync functionality, please contact Don Farber at farber@vineyardsoft.com.

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