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KnowledgeSync Education Bulletin:   Week 17
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KnowledgeSync "Little Known" (& Free) Utilities

Welcome to week #17 of the KnowledgeSync Educational Bulletin for Business Partners and clients who are using KnowledgeSync.

This week's question:

I've got a prospect who uses Sage MAS90 - which itself uses a Providex database and I've heard that there are some limitations in the Providex ODBC driver. Does KnowledgeSync do anything special to handle these limitations?


Yes; the "KnowledgeSync Linking Function" utility (KLF) was designed for exactly this purpose. KLF uses a function called "linked tables" to access and retrieve data that is stored in a database whose native ODBC driver has limited functionality. We'll email you both the KLF module as well as corresponding documentation.

But while we're on the topic of free KnowledgeSync utilities, it's probably worth mentioning a few other "little known" KnowledgeSync functions that are yours for the asking:

1. SQL Trigger Integration Script: If you've ever wondered if KnowledgeSync can utilize SQL Triggers (instead of traditional queries) to kick off an event, the answer is "yes" and we have a SQL Trigger integration script that our support staff can send you.

2. External Message Editing: Can a person create - or edit - a KnowledgeSync alert message without going into the KnowledgeSync application? The answer is "yes" - and the details on doing so are located in the "Utilities" chapter of the KnowledgeSync Manual.

3. "Calling" a KnowledgeSync Event: Did you know that you can trigger an event from outside of the KnowledgeSync application? Details are in the "Utilities" chapter of the Manual, but the syntax looks like the following:

Run "C:\Program Files\Vineyardsoft\KnowledgeSync\Bin\KS_Event.exe" @Admin; /schedule=OE_Conf

4. Microsoft Fax Integration: Need to send Crystal Reports in PDF via fax? You'll need the Microsoft Fax Integration script from Vineyardsoft, available on request from support@vineyardsoft.com.

If you have any questions about any of these utilities, please contact either Don Farber at farber@vineyardsoft.com or KnowledgeSync support at:


Past education bulletins: http://www.vineyardsoft.com/html/Educational_Bulletins.html

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