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KnowledgeSync Educational Bulletin
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KnowledgeSync - Crystal Reports Versions

Welcome to week #25 of the KnowledgeSync Educational Bulletin for Business Partners and clients who are using KnowledgeSync.

With the recent release of KnowledgeSync version 7, there have been a number of questions regarding KnowledgeSync's support of various Crystal Reports versions (from 8.5 to 11) and whether an organization using Crystal should upgrade to the latest version of KnowledgeSync.

The first thing to understand is that KnowledgeSync version 7 embeds Crystal Reports version 11. However - even KnowledgeSync can run Crystal Reports that were designed in Crystal versions 8.5, 9.0, and 10.0, as well as in version 11.

When KnowledgeSync version 7 is installed, so too are the components of Crystal Reports version 11. That means that if, on the KnowledgeSync server, version 8.5 of the Crystal Reports Designer is installed, the Crystal version 11 files that are included with KnowledgeSync will overwrite the version 8.5 files that are already on that server. Likewise, if the KnowledgeSync server is host to one or more applications that embed Crystal version 8.5 files, the installation of KnowledgeSync version 7 will cause those files to be overwritten by the version 11 Crystal files that are included with KnowledgeSync.

But KnowledgeSync version 7 has no impact on your ability to design, run, and generate Crystal Reports - of any version - on any other servers within an organization. So, if you have version 8.5 (for example) of the Crystal Reports Designer - or you have an application that embeds version 8.5 of the Crystal runtime engine - you can have KnowledgeSync version 7 peacefully co-exist with those other applications as long as they are installed on different servers.

And - if you ever run into a situation where the version 11 Crystal Reports component in KnowledgeSync fails to run because someone has mistakenly loaded an earlier version of Crystal Reports (or an application that embeds an earlier version of Crystal Reports) onto the KnowledgeSync server, all you need to do is to un-install and re-install KnowledgeSync back onto its server. That process will cause KnowledgeSync to overwrite any existing Crystal files on that server with the Crystal components that are included within KnowledgeSync, and all will be well again.

If you have any questions about KnowledgeSync licensing or versions, please contact Don Farber at farber@vineyardsoft.com. If you would like to request a version 7 license code for yourself or for a client, please send in the account name as well as the KnowledgeSync server name to license@vineyardsoft.com.

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