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KnowledgeSync Education Bulletin:   Week 6
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Sage KnowledgeSync - Tips for Sage CRM SalesLogix
Optimizing Sage KnowledgeSync Performance

Welcome to week #6 of the KnowledgeSync Educational Bulletin for Business Partners and clients who are using Sage KnowledgeSync with the SalesLogix CRM application.

This week's question:

I know that KnowledgeSync keeps track of the "triggered items" for each event. My concern is that over time, won't an event's triggered items grow larger and larger eventually impacting KnowledgeSync's performance?


The "triggered items" for an event CAN grow (and impact performance) but it doesn't have to. The key to determining this is in the design of your query's filters.

Let's say you have an Order Confirmation event that runs hourly and KnowledgeSync keeps track of the "order ID" of each processed order. If you process 100 orders a day, that's 36,500 triggered records just for that event after one year.

BUT - if you add a filter to the query that says "order date equals today's date", all of the triggered items for one day are automatically removed by KnowledgeSync the next day. The number of triggered items for this event will never be greater than the number of orders placed during a single day.

Even better - there is a date substitution variable called "Last Date/Time Event Checked" in KnowledgeSync, and if you compare an order's date to the value in this variable, the triggered items for the event will be wiped clean each and every time the event runs.

So, if you see KnowledgeSync start to use up more processor resources than it used to (or than you'd like it to), check out your queries and optimize their filters so that the query has to store as few triggered item records as possible. You'll see the difference!

If you have any questions about tracking triggered items or how to optimize your KnowledgeSync queries, please send your questions to Don Farber at farber@vineyardsoft.com.

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