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KnowledgeSync Needs Assessment (KNA) Tool - Now Available!

Have you checked out the web-based, automated "KnowledgeSync Needs Assessment" (KNA) tool yet?

If you sell ERP software and you sell KnowledgeSync and you’re NOT using this amazing sales tool, you’re letting money slip through your hands. Yes, it’s as simple as that.

The KNA helps a client determine whether they need KnowledgeSync, how critically they need KnowledgeSync, and what aspects of KnowledgeSync they need the most.

And you don’t have to do a thing - just tell your prospects to go to either or, and click on:

"Does your organization need KnowledgeSync/Sage Alerts & Workflow?"

The KNA asks a client a series of questions that determine what kind of business processes they rely on within their organization, how important those processes are to their business, and the degree to which those processes are currently done manually.

These 3 factors are combined to arrive at a "need rating" and, when complete, the KNA automatically delivers a "report card" of that client’s KnowledgeSync needs.

Most importantly, the KNA tool has been designed so that you can easily host it and customize it on your own organization’s website.

Please check out the KNA tool and if you’d like to host it on your own website, just contact Don Farber ( and ask for the KNA. We’ll send you back both the tool itself and instructions for tailoring/branding it according to your own organization’s requirements.

Although this initial KNA focuses on clients who are running ERP software, similar versions of the KNA are planned for both the HR and CRM software markets.

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