Tuesday, July 5th, 2022
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As a software vendor, would your application benefit from a robust alerting, form/document/report distribution, and  workflow module?  Is your organization looking to add on capability to your application that would help differentiate you from your competition?

KnowledgeSync can give you that advantage. Leading software vendors including Sage Software and Exact Software have partnered with Vineyardsoft to OEM the KnowledgeSync solution and offer it – under their company name, and their product name – to customers and prospects. Vineyardsoft’s OEM Partner Program offers many benefits, including custom-built collections of KnowledgeSync events for your application(s), on-site training of your sales and technical staff, tiered margins, cooperative marketing, and flexible client support options.

Don’t even start down the “build versus buy” debate – speak with other KnowledgeSync OEM Partners and hear what they have to say about the benefits of private-labeling the KnowledgeSync solution. If you are interested in learning more about the KnowledgeSync OEM Partner Program or making KnowledgeSync a part of your product offering, please send an email to info@vineyardsoft.com and one of our OEM Partner Managers will contact you immediately.


"We OEM’d KnowledgeSync because it gave Sage SalesLogix a unique competitive edge over other solutions. Over the last 5 years, Vineyardsoft has been 100% responsive to the changing needs of our business. I recommend them highly."

Chris Reich
Sage Software

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