Saturday, November 27th, 2021
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Monitor Incoming Email Messages

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With organizations relying ever more heavily on email and their web site for client interactions, it’s essential that you be able to monitor and respond to those communications in an automated manner. That’s why KnowledgeSync, in addition to monitoring application data, lets you monitor the content of incoming email messages as well as web form submissions.

Supporting a wide variety of email systems and web forms, KnowledgeSync lets you analyze the content of incoming messages and submissions to determine who the content is coming from, what it’s about, and how it needs to be handled by your organization.

For example, we here at Vineyardsoft use KnowledgeSync to auto-process Support Requests logged into our website. When such requests are received, KnowledgeSync matches them against contact records in our CRM database (creates contacts & accounts if necessary), and creates a support ticket in our Help Desk system. KnowledgeSync then sends a confirmation message back to the client, notifies our support staff of the new ticket, and alerts the appropriate salesperson that a request has been received from their client.

"If a customer wants a job status report, they simply send mail to our “jobs” email address and include the job number as the subject. KnowledgeSync generates the corresponding report and emails it back to them."

KnowledgeSync Client Scenario

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