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Welcome to the Vineyardsoft on-line Customer Support Center; to help resolve your question as quickly as possible, we ask that you follow these steps:

1. Research your question in the KnowledgeSync Reference Guide (download). Use the “Find” option from the Edit menu to search for the particular subject you need help with.

2. Search Vineyardsoft’s On-Line Knowledgebase. If you’re getting a specific error number or error message, search on those values; otherwise, enter a description of your issue and review the matching topics.

3. If you’re having difficulties designing a query or event, review the computer-based Training Courses to see if they cover the subject you have questions on.

4. Contact the Business Partner from whom you purchased KnowledgeSync. No one knows your implementation better than the folks who set up KnowledgeSync for you. Please contact them first and run your question or request by them; if more assistance is needed, you – or they – can contact Vineyardsoft Support for more in-depth help.

5. Contact Vineyardsoft Technical Support. Contact is via Web or Phone; tickets logged via the web often return the fastest answers because our Reps can email you a reply even when they’re on the phone with other clients. If you call in an get transferred to voicemail, make sure you leave a message.

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For more information on how to obtain support, please see Obtaining Support.

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